Any extra codes available before the end of August?



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    Virgin Red

    Hey Amanda - thanks for the suggestions and for your feedback.  

    We had a chat today about whether or not to put out a new code for the end of the month but have decided not to as we do already have quite a lot of people in the VIP Vault and next month is going to be a big one for point collecting!   

    So story time...

    Historically VIPs were 5 people chosen at random from the top 100 point scorers each month (so if you were in the top 100 point scorers, you'd have a 1/25 chance of getting a VIP gift - not bad odds), however it was all done quietly behind the scenes so not many people knew about it.

    We wanted to make it more visible to our members and give a few more people a chance of making VIP status so we created the VIP Vault instead. Now it's easier to make the cut then before and we'll pick 10 VIPs instead of 5 but that also means if you do make it into the Vault, you'll have a lower chance of getting a VIP gift than previously because there will be more than 100 people in there. That's why it's a bit tricky for us to make it even easier to get into - every time more people make it into the VIP Vault, it decreases the chance of becoming a VIP for everyone in there.

    That's not necessarily a bad thing - as it's a new feature we'll definitely be playing around with the point threshold each month and deciding whether or not to make it easier or harder. We want to keep it as it is for this month as a sort of baseline though and we'll see how it goes for future months.

    I hope that helps but let us know if you have any other suggestions or feedback. 


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    Amanda Webster

    Actually, can I just answer my own request with a suggestion? How about Virgin Red members setting 'This or That' daily suggestions or setting daily/weekly quiz questions in order to gain extra points? ;)


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    Chris Kennedy

    I think the only way VRed will issue more codes is if they've messed up their points calculations with regards to the numbers expected to enter the vault . That'll only be if, the actual number reaching is falling short of the mark. 
    Looking around I get the impression this isn't the case. I think a fair few more people will be in the VIP 'Club' this month than there were in the previous format. VIP is tricky to reach for a reason.

    Nice idea but sounds like a nightmare to implement on their side. The points required versus ways to earn are carefully calculated each month. They don't make it up as they go along, honest guv!

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    Amanda Webster

    To be honest, Chris, I'd already be there if I was verified on more Virgin products - like East Coast and Virgin Media - but as I'm only verified on a couple I always seem to fall short every so often. Wasn't a problem at all for me last month as codes were all over the place. However, if you're going to incentivise people to take part, maybe a carrot or two wouldn't go amiss!

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    Chris Kennedy

    I think the carrot or two appeared in the form of the two codes given out mid month. I'm assuming you got those (465pts total).

    Pleased you did well last month, you obviously opened all the vaults but were you in with the top point scorers (10300pts+)? That in essence is what the VIP Vault is about, a more formalised and visible way to run the previous lesser known monthly VIP club. 
    Everyone can now see it & know what's needed to reach. Plus a lot more people the previous format should be able enter the club as the total required is fixed.  The flip side,  I have hunch you'll end up with a lot of people being frustrated at not being able to reach, especially so when the concept behind it is not  fully understood as well.

    Which do you prefer, the old 'surprise' format or the new vault format?

    PS: A short trip with VTEC is easy to plan, though may not help you this month as time is getting tight.

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    Amanda Webster

    Yep, got those and 10,000+ last month. Thanks. As this is also Virgin Red's Community group - and the're actively asking for ideas on how Virgin Red can become a more interesting place to be - it was also a legitimate idea to suggest getting more people on board and getting them interacting with this app. I'll leave it at that.

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    Chris Kennedy

    Never said it wasn't.
    Just trying to tease out your thoughts and maybe shed a little light for any other poor soul that took the time to read through my drivel.

    I'm sure the team hoover up all the feedback.

    Hope VRed Rock your World next month!

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