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    Chris Kennedy

    1. You can logout the app (thats why you have an account) when done or lock your phone if you're concerned.
    2.Why would you put those details in if you're not spending?
    3. They do this already, keep an eye on social media channels. VRed staff need weekends too.

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    Andrew King

    I know nothing

    1, more and more Companies are doing it this way i.e. Pin or finger print

    2, I always spend so I always leave my details there but if I need to change my card I can't answer new details I have to spend before I can put a new card in so that's a flalw if you need to change your bank details Amazon or any other company and you just ienter the new card don't make you spend before you went to a new card.

    3, they don't already do this

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