Virgin 20% offer code not working



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    Chris Kennedy

    Check the T&Cs, the offers usually apply to Advance tickets only. May also be limited to services entirely on VT network/services.

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    Kath Steer

    Yes I've also tried the code a d it doesnt work - get same "not valid" message and am fulfilling all the T & C criteria

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    Anne Spreadborough

    I get the same message. The code is valid for 13 days so I know I am within the time limit.

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    Chris Kennedy

    Common errors

    ->You'll need to book it through the link in the app to arrive on the correct promo page of the VT website. You won't be able to use the code by going directly to the virgin trains website. ie using the normal booking portal.
    If you really need to book via another device follow this link and enter your PIN code when asked during your train search.

    The offer applies to Advance off-peak tickets
    Check you are booking a Standard/1st Class Advance Off Peak ticket.

    A journey wholly on the Virgin Trains network & on their services only.
    Check you are booking
    a: A journey on a VT service, you'll see the VT logo next to the listed train when selecting your train.
    b: You are booking a journey entirely on the VT network. eg: Manchester to London Euston is wholly on.  Manchester to Brighton via London isn't.

    You cannot combine it with any other discount, eg any railcards.

    Contact Virgin Red directly* with the journey details you are trying to book if you're still unable to use it.

    *Social media PM/DM is recommended or via email

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